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Bought a gram when he first listed and I over paid so he added  extra  which was nice

But... the gear was so weak that it didn't do alot and for the price it was worse then the scalpers selling morph..
I have a hight tolerance but I was with 2 others who tried it and didn't get much .we polished off the bag on a few hours which of it had of been the euro 100% then it would of lasted 2 or 3 days easily !!
My withdrals was so bad that I was happy to not be sick but then going back into bad withdrals I convinced my freind to go halters on another bag and he was furious and he doesn't warn or use much at all so it was super heart breaking for him  .
My half went quickly but I got cotton fever twice from using the gear and I am extremely clean at what I do  so I don't know if it was the gear or so strange anomaly but it was BRUTAL...

I gave good feedback cause I almost always do based on the hard work the vendor go through to sort everything out  and that at least deserves good feedback imo .

I would give this a 1/5

Extremely over priced

Shipping was FAST  , NDD

Vendor threatened to ban Me if I left bad feedback even tho I was just advising  of my experience . Rude and dismissive

Recommend if you are a opiate user to NOT buy this , if you want to try H and have lots of money then you have a fast and safe gear to get a taste of what heroin is all about

He has new stock so unsure if it got better but I doubt it ...

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I bought his stuff last week - don't think it has improved. A good vendor but probably doesn't use so isn't aware of the quality/strength.
I agree it is weak - compared to a 60mg morphine pill it would be take maybe 150mg to be equivalent but it wears off quicker which makes me want to redose too often.

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Hey mandogmaog, given you are a regular opiate used (Like myself) do you have regular plugs you source from outside of Tor market?

The opiate options and price on Tor market are pretty shit and all I can find locally is expensive morphine. I have only ever managed to source good stuff - Heroin or fent patches a couple times before. Never managed to find anything regular or sustainable.

I am interested to hear how you manage to sustain a decent supply of opiates for yourself.

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