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20 pounds of indoor A++ $3500 each! + Wanting long term buyer

Hi everybody!, what a shame the sites closing down when we were just getting started hmm
Thank you to everyone that bought my product!, sorry that the store was always out of stock but
I've just added 10 pounds of stock before its too late smile. I've got more stock i'm just not going to list it on here yet.

I'm Currenty looking for long term relationships for bulk Indoor and outdoor weed.
ideally I just want to find a few big buyers and just work with them. I will make an account on tor2market wheter or not I get enough buyers before this site closes down will depend if I will be there or not listing smile.

Listing: http://p5ay4zakxz4rn4rmvx6c3vj3fj2jlzbsgg5a2xrgrjzg2tsw2uogmuyd.onion/vendor/products/87774b5b-aa74-4220-b131-2385ce263f08

- Humboldt

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