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Psychedaddy's 30% Changa

Absolutely amazing. My first DMT experience and holy shit. I bought 300mg and it says 150mg to breakthrough. I was a bit nervous so smoked 60mg in a sandwich, i wouldn't recommend it. It was a weird feeling and i didn't notice anything except for a pounding feeling in my head. 20 mins later i decided to take 90mg more and i broke through. It was so amazing i smoked the other 150mg an hour and a half later and both times were unforgettable. I lost touch with this dimension after the first bowl so i wish i packed in more, because i didn't meet any gods, but i had a spatial and visual experience i cant even describe. Will definitely get the 50% next time and blast as high as possible. Please save  me 500mg when you get more!

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Re: Psychedaddy's 30% Changa

Glad to hear it! Certainly, under dosing can lead to a general feeling of unpleasantness for 10 mins. It is quite lucky you had a good experience after waiting only 20 mins - its advised to wait at least an hour due to tolerance (personally I have to wait much longer).

Look forward to hearing other peoples experiences.

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