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Safety Tips + Tricks

I thought I would start this thread for people to add their tips and tricks with security and staying safe online.

Things like VPN's, Tor, Tails, PGP and anything for newbies that will be helpful. If we can gang together and provide these how-to's here, it would make sure this great community thrives.

Any thoughts for newbies in particular? Happy to hear your thoughts!

Stay safe.

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Re: Safety Tips + Tricks

A couple of fundamental practices that it seems a lot of people don't know about

  1. using a password manager

  2. fully encrypted disks

Something like Keepass will generate random unique passwords and can auto-type them to speed up logging in. A well known vendor recently told us how he was hacked because he used the same password for many of his accounts.
Ensure you have good backups of the password database and optionally store it in version control (ie git).

Disks should be encrypted so the OS can't boot without entering a 60 char plus passphrase. This is very important for vendors. If your OS doesn't support this, maybe the BIOS has support for encrypted disks. Or else run a virtual machine of a Linux desktop OS which does support full disk encryption and only use Tor Browser inside the virtual machine.

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Re: Safety Tips + Tricks

I posted this elsewhere, but it's a great guide that will get you about as secure a setup as possible.


I'd make once change to this guide, converting Bitcoin to Monero and back is easier than using a tumbling service.

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