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AKCityPharm - Shards

Just letting the crew know, the 2 grams of 'shards' I received was super wet and left a huge amount of black resin in the bowl. I'm working with the vendor to get my hands on the shards I ordered as this product has no kick, but I am yet to have a reply.

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Re: AKCityPharm - Shards

Buying on the streets lately I've been seeing a lot of that crap around.

Up 4 days, down 4 dollars.

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Re: AKCityPharm - Shards

I really dont understand this guy... Praises the stuff then retracts the feedback 2 days later and trys to "work something out".. was this some kind of Feedback blackmail since im a new vendor? he didnt even give me a day to reply to his messages before changing the feedback and posting a review here lol. I even went out of my way to include a brand new pipe too since he couldn't get one..

Some messages from him here...  please let me know if im not allowed to post private messages and ill take down no worries..


In regards to the wetter stuff -  When buying a few ounces at a time the product sells out fast sometimes in a week and you can almost never get the same gear as the last week. Fresh batches have been done and new product is already out and this happens from most of the sources i know.

I have had nothing but good reviews for this batch and would never sell or buy it if it was bad quality as i am aiming to ensure everyone gets a good experience. I probably would have fallen for his feedback blackmail if he hadn't have changed it from extremely positive and grateful for the free pipe to completely negative 2days later without even talking to me to resolve... get some sleep!

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