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Product Review for CannaKing's PowerPlant

Excellent stealth just like last order. Excellent comms from vendor, who was kind enough to put up a smaller custom listing for my poor ass. Vendor also went out of their way to ensure Saturday delivery which was a really nice touch I must say.

PowerPlant is a strain I am very familiar with and again, this is definitely the real deal. Earthy but sweet taste and instant high, unlike the AK47 x which was a creeper. PowerPlant isn't the strongest strain on the face of the earth, but it's also nice being able to smoke a joint that tastes nice, gives a very pleasant buzz and still be able to do social stuff. This would be a great strain for someone looking for A++ grade weed to smoke during the day.

The buds are manicured to a very high standard and it's cured & flushed really well. Happy to report that the second strain I've tried from this vendor is just as impressive as the first, and setting the bar quite high for other vendors asking for preemo prices without offering preemo product.

The lack of reviews here is shocking guys, if you get something nice then let us know. If you get something shithouse - warnabrother!!

Thanks Canna, pleasure mate :-)

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