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New stock -> Raw pharma pregabalin and Diclazepam available


New to this game.. feels like a dark forest https://medium.com/@ChemAndCode/the-dar … 76fc0a7307

I;ve  branched out from selling my favoourite drug DXM to offer some pure beautiful sandy pregabalin and some Diclazepam in PG solution for anyone wanting to quit benzos or to just get high off it.

The pregabalin is fucking good, another weird drug

Future plans are Arylcyclohexylamine collections.

My $25 stealth courier is that price due to the decoy I use and the box etc it's pretty mad.
I haven't always done the best stealth when people use that option, but from now on I willl and I've ofered a regular courier option too.

peace all

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