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PuristInNz -Xanax, Oxycodone, XTC

General Information

Vendor Name: PuristInNZ
Product/s reviewed: Xanax, Oxycodone, XTC

Customer Service

Score: 5/5

[X]  Superb: Polite, prompt, ensures satisfaction
[  ]  Good: Professional, exhibits customer care
[  ]  Satisfactory: Adequate responses, resolved issue
[  ]  Marginal: Subpar communication, partial resolution
[  ]  Bad: Poor communication, no resolution
[  ]  Awful: Abusive responses, no resolution

Product Quality

Score: 5/5

[X]  Highest purity - highly potent
[  ]  Mostly pure - potent
[  ]  Minor cut or impurity - strong
[  ]  Cut and/or impure - medium to weak
[  ]  Almost entirely cut - very weak
[  ]  Possibly bunk - no effect

Price Value

Score: 5/5

[X]  Excellent - great value & low cost
[  ]  Moderate - worthy value & fair cost
[  ]  At-market - neither good nor bad
[  ]  Below-market - so-so value, high cost
[  ]  Exorbitant - low value, excessive cost
[  ]  Rip-off - little-to-no value, unjustified cost

Stealth & OpSec

Score: 2/5

[  ]  Vacuum-sealed
[  ]  Mylar bag/non-porous container
[  ]  Decoy/misdirection
[X]  Low package profile
[X]  Good OpSec/PGP

Additional review notes

PuristInNz offered free samples, I was interested in the alprazolam and shot them a message. They kindly sent out a package, free of charge.

I was expecting one bar to sample, which I would have been stoked with.

They sent me

  • 2mg white alprazolam bar

  • 3mg yellow alprazolam bar

  • 4mg green alprazolam bar

  • 230mg XTC pill

  • Oxycodone m30 blue pill

They are bloody legends. This was a very generous sample and thank you indeed!

I do not take XTC therefore cannot provide a review. I will give the pill to a friend to try and will edit this post with their thoughts on it accordingly.

They were swamped with orders in the first week but got back to me quickly.

--- Shipping ---

After sending this package, PuristInNz have updated their packaging/stealth and have also added a decoy.
Because this package was sent before they upgraded the stealth, I can only base this review accordingly.

The shipping was adequate for small orders. I would feel uneasy ordering bigger quantities. Despite this, the pills were packaged securely.

The package would have to be absolutely manhandled for the pills to get crushed. In fact, I would be surprised to hear of any pills from PuristInNz arriving crushed.

It would take the courier driver running over the package repeatedly to powderise the pills.

Tracking number was included with the package.

--- Xanax ---

I have to say before writing any further,

if you have never taken benzodiazepines of any sort;

  • Start with 1/8 (one eighth) of a white bar and WAIT at least 1 hour to see how your body reacts.

  • Do not take an entire bar.

  • Do not take half a bar.

  • Do not take a quarter of a bar.

  • DO NOT mix with any opiate/opioid or any form of alcohol. These are all central nervous system depressants and this combination has lead to many deaths.

If you are not careful with benzos you will black the fuck out before you even realise what happened.


I have experience with daily clonazepam (orally and sublingually) and IV midazolam and diazepam (all prescribed/administered by medical professionals) but have no experience with alprazolam.
It is hard to say if these bars are presses because I've only taken pharma benzo's before.


I started with the alprazolam.

Decided to dose sublingually. Total dose for the day was 4.5mg

Broke the white (2mg) bar into 4 pieces and placed 2 pieces (1mg) under my tongue and let them dissolve.
They took a lot longer to dissolve than the pharma clonazepam I take.
The 2 pieces of the bar were quite solid.
There was no taste for about 30 seconds but once the pill started dissolving it tasted bitter as fuck.
Not a nice taste tbh but that seems to be standard. Somewhat reminiscent of the godawful zopiclone taste but thankfully the taste did not stick around like with zopiclone.

They kicked in a quicker than clonazepam, maybe 10-20 minutes or so (I meant to write down the time it took to kick in but forgot)
I always get anxious when taking new drugs but very quickly I felt a great deal of anxiety relief and stress reduction. A nice and calm feeling.

Took 2mg more around 1 hour later.
I have a decent benzo tolerance so took 1.5mg around 1 hour later

Very relaxing indeed, if you don't take benzos I would recommend starting with 1/8 of a 2mg bar and waiting for 1-2 hours.


I ended up resting in bed for the rest of the night and watching YouTube videos in a state of calm serenity.

I did half a Xan, thirteen hours 'til I land, had me out like a light ayy (like a light ayy).

After relaxing it was time to go to sleep. I feel asleep within minutes.
I slept for 8 hours, waking only once to take a piss. I have not slept that well for years. It was lovely.
I woke up feeling refreshed.

When I take clonazepam at night I wake up in the morning with a hangover. sometimes it lasts the entire day.

No hangover with these pills.


The next day, in the evening, I dosed 2.5mg followed by 2mg an hour later.
I felt the same state of serenity and calmness. I had another great sleep.


At the price point these are not a product I could afford to buy for daily usage. However, if I had the funds I absolutely would buy them for daily usage


Based on a study found on google, 1mg of alprazolam should be roughly equal to 1mg of clonazepam.
That is obviously a rough quantification because they’re different drugs entirely and comparing them isn’t as simple as saying A is as strong as B, for example.

Based on my daily experience with clonazepam I would have to say that these bars did not feel as strong as I expected.

They are potent though, anyone reading this who has no experience with benzodiazepines, do not take this as me saying they are weak because they are strong pills.


Overall, the bars are a solid product.
These bars definitely, 100%, contain some form of benzodiazepine.
Whether they contain alprazolam or some form of RC, I cannot say. I have no way of testing what they contain.

I will definitely be buying more of these, ofc, I use different accounts and addresses for different purchases for opsec purposes. It will be nice to have a few on these on hand for nights when sleep seems impossible.

230mg XTC pill

I do not consume MDMA and as such cannot provide a review based on the potency or effects of the pill.
The pill is the most solid ecstasy press I have encountered. The pill is like a brick.
The pill is scored halfway with an indentation line implying half of a pill should be consumed at a time. If the dose is truly 230mg then taking only half at first would be a good idea.

Oxycodone m30 blue pill

This is by far the most potent pill that I have ever consumed.

The strength of this pill was shocking.

I can not emphasise how potent this pill was.


I did research these pills beforehand and noted that these pills may be pressed and may contain substances other than oxycodone.
I do not possess a reagent test therefore could not confirm the presence of oxycodone or any adulterant.


I have no tolerance to opiates or opioids.
The only opiate/opioids I have consumed are codeine, tramadol, morphine and IV fentantyl (administered by a medical professional).


I took half of the pill (15mg).
I felt it very quickly (maybe 5-15 minutes in).
1 hour in I was feeling good and took the other half of the pill (15mg).


Comparing apples to oranges, this pill was stronger than any MDMA or stimulant I'd ever taken.

In bed it felt like I was floating.
I was at ease, sociable, relaxed and completely and utterly content.
Both physical and psychological pain were lifted from my body and I was truly living it the moment.
I felt no anxiety, no stress, just pure, complete and utter bliss.

I did not think a high of this calibre was possible. It was something else.

It lasted somewhere between 4-5 hours.

These things are potent as fuck.

In hindsight, taking less of the pill would have been the smart thing to do.

Due to the potency of these pills, I recommend approaching them with extreme caution.
I believe taking a quarter or even an eighth of the pill would have been enough.


Overall, this product was very pleasant to take.

I will be purchasing a series of reagent tests and will be much more careful in the future with this type of drug.

The price point of this product would prevent me from buying it for regular usage although I may purchase some for a rainy day.

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Re: PuristInNz -Xanax, Oxycodone, XTC

damn, nice review,real interested in these been thinking of ordering.

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Re: PuristInNz -Xanax, Oxycodone, XTC

Tested the oxy 30mg and xanax 4mg for fentanyl both came back negative, but that doesn't mean they are as safe as a genuine pharma pill.
could be cut with something less harmful but will still put you on your ass so don't be a dumbass and take a whole or half pill.
start with and 1/8 if you have little to no tolerance, maybe take a 1/4 if you have a high tolerance.
oxys are snortabe but I highly wouldn't recommend it, defo stick to slow release if you can't tell its genuine.

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