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SunshinePipeline Heroin #3

General Information

Vendor Name: SunshinePipeline
Product/s reviewed: Heroin number 3
Price before shipping (NZD): $300 for 0.5g1
Shipping cost: $15
Price per unit: $600.00/1

Customer Service

Score: 5/5

[X]  Superb: Polite, prompt, ensures satisfaction
[  ]  Good: Professional, exhibits customer care
[  ]  Satisfactory: Adequate responses, resolved issue
[  ]  Marginal: Subpar communication, partial resolution
[  ]  Bad: Poor communication, no resolution
[  ]  Awful: Abusive responses, no resolution

Product Quality

Score: 3/5

[  ]  Highest purity - highly potent
[  ]  Mostly pure - potent
[X]  Minor cut or impurity - strong
[  ]  Cut and/or impure - medium to weak
[  ]  Almost entirely cut - very weak
[  ]  Possibly bunk - no effect

Processing Speed

Score: 5/5

[X]  Processed & marked shipped in 24hrs
[  ]  Processed & marked shipped in 48 hrs
[  ]  Processed & marked shipped in 72 hrs
[  ]  Package is late
[  ]  Package is very late
[  ]  Never received package

Price Value

Score: 3/5

[  ]  Excellent - great value & low cost
[  ]  Moderate - worthy value & fair cost
[X]  At-market - neither good nor bad
[  ]  Below-market - so-so value, high cost
[  ]  Exorbitant - low value, excessive cost
[  ]  Rip-off - little-to-no value, unjustified cost

Stealth & OpSec

Score: 4/5

[  ]  Vacuum-sealed
[X]  Mylar bag/non-porous container
[X]  Decoy/misdirection
[X]  Low package profile
[X]  Good OpSec/PGP

Total score

20 out of 25 for 80%.

Additional review notes

Got the chance to sample the H that Sunshine will be providing when they have the stock to supply. Please remember with my rating of purity that i have an extremely high tolerance, and that pure H just does not exist outside of a lab setting. That said, it was an enjoyable product and if they can provide at a better price than what seems to be the ridiculously high norm domestically, it will go very well for them!
Above all though, customer service stood out the most with this vendor. Really fucking helpful and seemed like a nice guy in general!
Hope we have the chance to do more business in the future if stock comes thru/ i can afford to start purchasing Oxy again!
Cheers mate

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Re: SunshinePipeline Heroin #3

sounds good but sheesh 600$ for a gram is unbelievably high, would get a shit ton more buyers at somewhere around 350$ a gram.

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Re: SunshinePipeline Heroin #3

Shit the bed! @gingerbreadman ya lucky bastard. I did not even see a listing come up and I am on Tor Market 1-2 times a day looking for new listings. Or did you suss a private deal with SunshinePipeline?

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Re: SunshinePipeline Heroin #3

Yeah sorry bro, didnt mean to pull a fast one on the boys! i was just hitting up about the product and he had a little left there that  he was good enough to sell me a sample of! Really good vendor to deal with so i hope all works out well with incoming shipment

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Re: SunshinePipeline Heroin #3

Haha no need to be sorry mate. Good to know at least some of the fellahs are getting high on the good stuff! Definitely keen to order some of his when he posts the listing. Especially if one of the Opiate Lads recommends it cool

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