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HappyDaysNZ - Meth

Hey All,

Has anybody tried the batch of meth from HappyDaysNZ recently? I am keen to order some and feedback looks good, but most recent feedback October 12TH and there is so much dog shit hear being sold on here as meth I want to make sure before I purchase. Any input would be appreciated.


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Re: HappyDaysNZ - Meth

While I haven't purchased from the lastest washed batch from HappyDaysNZ I did purchase from the previous batch prior to the wash which was unusually poor.

However to his credit HappyDaysNZ immediately provided a full refund, pulled the listing, washed the gear and a couple of weeks later relisted at a lower price and with a clear acknowledgement of the issue and kept me up to date with messages.

HappyDaysNZ is clearly an established, trustworthy vendor and while you should make your own decisions I wouldn't be concerned about buying from him again and have no reason to doubt the positive feedback received so far.

Hope this helps!

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