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Why do no vendors import this? I've asked this question several times over the years but never got a proper answer. From my understanding, it is a precursor to MDMA, so why is it not available like mdma is? according to reddit, it seems reasonably available in other countries.

I got a sample pill years ago (from magical aotearoa I think, back on alpha bay or dream) and I loved it. So if anyone could provide it, I would definitely buy a bunch

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Re: MDA/Sass

MDMA is made with PMK now, Sasafras is what they used in the 90s.

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Re: MDA/Sass


I'd been keen on some grams of high purity MDA too!

It's lovely stuff, actually prefer it over MDMA (but that maybe just because I ruined my relationship with MDMA due to excessive use...)

There have been some pressies over the years in NZ that were either confirmed or suspected MDA, you can usually tell by the fact that it's way speedier and last a good bit longer too.

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