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MyFoodBag Selective Scamming

Back in November I ordered an ounce of speed off MyFoodBag.
It never showed up.
I was given tracking number that said it had been delivered but contacting NZ post they told me I was most likely given a different tracking number. I know that it wasn't stolen by porch pirates as I have cameras and can see.

MyFoodBag were incredibly unhelpful and then just went offline for over a month and the issue was never resolved. Was a pretty shitty way to start my XMAS holidays. I know I didnt give the wrong address as I ordered multiple other packages at the same time from different vendors and they all arrived perfectly fine.

Just be careful of this vendor, especially on the new sites he operates on. I won't get back my 1.5k but I would order from someone else if you have the option, unless MyFoodBag wants to fix this.

mdma sucks 4mmc best

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