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best quality mdma and ket in nz right now?

i had taken a break from the dnms for a while, and just got back and see tor market is closing for a while and everything is moving around. figured this would be the best place to check in and get involved again.

im looking for the best quality mdma and ket (domestic only) that you guys can recommend and also what market to get it on? thanks mates.

PS - mods, would love to get involved more in this community if i can get my account approved to do so smile

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Re: best quality mdma and ket in nz right now?


We currently are stocking MDMA and Ketamine on Tor2Door. You can find us /en/users/pleasure. I get my links from dark.pe.

Overnight domestic shipping, excellent stealth (for those with nosy flatmates).

Give me a message on Tor2Door and I can arrange some samples for you smile

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Re: best quality mdma and ket in nz right now?

I ended up ordering from Underbelly on Incognito because his prices were so much lower than anyone else. Was a bit skeptical because of the pricing and I actually made this past while my pack was still on the way because I was having second thoughts but the pack landed a day later and everything was great. His mdma is really good quality champagne as advertised. ill try to post a review soon.

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Re: best quality mdma and ket in nz right now?

I am suspect of Underbelly, hope hes legit and just building up a reputation with his low prices, but His account and all the accounts that mention him are made within the past week, not sure I trust that when accounts can be made quite easily.. I'm staying away until someone reputable I recognize or has a few years on the NZDMF suggests his products..

Besides, people like Pleasure are honestly already selling at decent prices, dont mind spending the extra buck knowing im getting the advertised product and not a knock on the door or some shitty unknown substance.

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Re: best quality mdma and ket in nz right now?

Some recent feedback on Secretchiefs Ketamine

* have tried k from more than 5 different vendors across different markets, and let me tell you, this is the best k you'll get in nz; NDD; solid decoy; beautiful packaging; a class act- Tor2door

* Perfect vendor. Product is great, shipping was fast. Pro vendor been around for a while - Incognito

* Top notch stuff, some of the best K I've come across on the market, cheers!!  - Tor Market

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