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Underbelly MDMA Review

General Information

Vendor Name: Underbelly
Product/s reviewed: Champagne MDMA - 1 gram
Market: Incognito
Price before shipping (NZD): 85 NZD
Shipping cost: 6 NZD

Customer Service

Score: 5/5

[X]  Superb: Polite, prompt, ensures satisfaction
[  ]  Good: Professional, exhibits customer care
[  ]  Satisfactory: Adequate responses, resolved issue
[  ]  Marginal: Subpar communication, partial resolution
[  ]  Bad: Poor communication, no resolution
[  ]  Awful: Abusive responses, no resolution

NOTES: There really wasnt any need for conversation on this order.

Product Quality

Score: 5/5

[X]  Highest purity - highly potent
[  ]  Mostly pure - potent
[  ]  Minor cut or impurity - strong
[  ]  Cut and/or impure - medium to weak
[  ]  Almost entirely cut - very weak
[  ]  Possibly bunk - no effect

Processing Speed

Score: 5/5

[X]  Processed & marked shipped in 24hrs
[  ]  Processed & marked shipped in 48 hrs
[  ]  Processed & marked shipped in 72 hrs
[  ]  Package is late
[  ]  Package is very late
[  ]  Never received package

Price Value

Score: 5/5

[X]  Excellent - great value & low cost
[  ]  Moderate - worthy value & fair cost
[  ]  At-market - neither good nor bad
[  ]  Below-market - so-so value, high cost
[  ]  Exorbitant - low value, excessive cost
[  ]  Rip-off - little-to-no value, unjustified cost

Stealth & OpSec

Score: 4/5

[X]  Vacuum-sealed
[X]  Mylar bag/non-porous container
[  ]  Decoy/misdirection
[X]  Low package profile
[X]  Good OpSec/PGP

Overall score 24/25 - 96%

Additional Notes:

Underbelly has the lowest prices for MDMA of any domestic vendor by a large margin so naturally I was intrigued to order from him but also pretty cautious. I had some extra coin lying around and a disposable drop, though, so i figured why not? I ended up being extremely pleasantly surprised. Pack arrived very quickly, packaging and stealth were quite good and the product inside was actually very high quality champagne mdma as advertised. The MDMA itself is very close to white color which is some of the nicest looking mdma ive seen in NZ for a while as a lot of the current stuff has been really dark.

I hit it with the usual reagent tests and passed with flying colors. I took 150mg with a couple friends who also dosed the same and a 4th friend who doses close to 250mg. I had a really great experience, extremely clean and euphoric and really great energy for dancing (but not stimmy or dirty feeling which im thankful for). My friends who took 150mg agreed with this, however, my friend who took the 250mg says he was rolling too hard and that he took too much. This probably means the mdma is really pure and potent but just a heads up for those who normally take higher doses, id recommend scaling back because it is strong.

All in all, it was a great experience and hopefully Underbelly keeps offering the same prices and quality. I would recommend.

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