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Hey Admin

Trying to add the post. please hold. Cant post at the moment as the post isnt passing the security filters.

TLDR: Create docs so newcomers know what to do in order to comment.

Posting on behalf of a mate. Who is stuck in the new account trial period.

Hey Admin,

I hope we can work together on this as adults to solve these accidents.

this is my fifth time writing this post so might not include as much detail as I did for the first one (first one got deleted due to malformed request).  I am getting too tired to keep typing and formatting this so will make this quicker than the first one.

What you do well.
You have created a system where it reduces the spam and phishing links on the forums.  This is something that I have noticed youve done well.  The incidence of the phishing links have decreased.

the words (without the full stops)
it is. n.ot cle.ar

will be replaced with iinc due to security filter

What I think are the potential issues.
iinc as a newcomer, to know what we need to do to qualify for commenting on posts.  I am so confused if I need to make 5 posts to comment or if I need to wait for a time period for qualification.

I also think that you could maybe approve the post requests more often, I would think we can get the new comers commenting on each others posts in the new account post queue (NAPQ).  This is in order to get the OP approved to supplement the manual approval process as it is currently not sufficient.
P.s One potential reason I think you mightve kept the details secret would be to reduce the probability of someone finding a loophole in your system.  But by my estimations, you are affecting more than 80 percent of users (legit users) to prevent less than 19 percent of users (abusers).

What I recommend
Write some more documentation so that newcomers can know what they need to do in order to comment.  I hope we can work together on this as adults to solve these accidents.

Who is it affecting
Newcomers, and also potentially exisiting users. For example: I saw a post in the NAPQ by an account .......TheRealM92fs.....  For the noobies, the m92fs account was talked about in conversations with connotations to being hacked. I could be wrong.

How long has this been going on
The earliest post on the NAPQ was on 29th May 2023, by mangekahapom.
The earliest post that in my opinion I am very happy with, to be posted on the main forum was ob the 14th June

You have done a great job admin on both Tor Market and this forum.  I really appreciate all the effort and time you have put in over the many years.  It mustve been especially hard when you got covid but you did your absolute best.

NAPQ means new account post queue
I cant comment using certain symbols, in order to not trigger the security restrictions which make you lose everything you wrote.  Also admin please have a message somewhere just saying which symbols will trigger the security restrictions.  Its annoying when I lose all progress (all my words) everytime I try to figure out if I can use a symbol. I think I cant use the single quote or the double quote or colons or percentages which is annoying. Surely html encode all user input instead of preventing all single quotes and all double quotes from being on the forum.

p.s 4 hours later: I think it was the iinc word that was setting off the filter, so this post won't have much punctuation as I wrote it 4 hours ago and have spent 4 hours removing all symbols and using trial and error to see what was setting off the security filter.

I hope this makes someone in the NAPQ's day as this took many hours and I had to get a mate to debug with me.

Kind Regards

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Re: Hey Admin

For some odd reason, the words (without the full stops)

it is. n.ot cle.ar

is banned on this forum. I have spent 3 hours trying to make a post and encountered this bug lol.

In my post it will be replaced with iinc due to security filter


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Re: Hey Admin

I took to much Heroin one night & forgot i updated my password, Lesson learned !!!

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Re: Hey Admin

Haha not the best idea when your zoned out on H

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