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The current high value of Bitcoin

Hey I've been monitoring the the value of BTC lately and it seems to be relatively stable in $14000nz region. I would appreciate peoples opinion on whether it's worth investing in at the moment? Do you think the current value is over inflated, do you see it dramatically dropping back to 11K or below that it was a few weeks ago or long term you see it continuing to increase in value with dips and jumps in between?

To me BTC reminds me of stock a lot more than it does a currency. The real difference to me is with stock of a company the value can be predicted to some degree with quarterly financial results and the companies plans and market position, etc. With bitcoin, it seems to be based on pure speculation.

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Re: The current high value of Bitcoin

Where it's at now I think it could go either way. Best time to invest is when it has a really significant drop as it usually goes up again. There's a lot of things that can impact on the price of bitcoin. I like to think in the long term it will continue to rise even if there are more significant drops in price on the way.

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Re: The current high value of Bitcoin

Yes but long term , you got to hold for years. The supply is being cut in half in around 6 months. Monitor the transaction throughput and when there is sustained elevated fees, I think that will signal the next run up.

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