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Hi Team,

I new to this whole darkweb shop / Forum thing but i'm glad i found this place. All of the products get shipped by courier within the country. How often do these products get stopped by i'm assuming courier security checks, snuffer dog and such? i'm just nervous if i buy something that it will be found and ill go to jail... and do you get items sent to my house? or should i get a POBox?? how often are packages stopped? Any help would be much appreciated.


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Re: Postage

Maybe some older vendors can chip in but it hasnt happened the couple years I've been around.

Even in the highly unlikely chance your package is found, just deny that you ordered it. You cant help it that somebody else ordered a package to your house under your name with intention to steal it, or set you up.

EVEN IF they somehow have proof that you ordered it, you are not going to jail lol. Authorities dont care about drug users, they care about importers and sellers.

Dont get a PO Box, send it to your house under your name.

Local vendors send out dozens to hundreds of packages every week, no need to be nervous.

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Re: Postage

Domestically you're pretty safe.  There is not enough resources and time to make this a viable task.  There is more restrictions at the border for obvious reasons.  However this does not mean vendors can be lazy and not take excessive precautions. 

If for any reason they are intercepted, there is no way they can prove you were the one that placed the order unless you confess to it.  Plausible deniability is your friend.

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Re: Postage

Safe as bro.

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Re: Postage

Domestic packages are fine. I've sent over 400 bags of cannabis and never had a problem. But it was double vacuum sealed though. A courier once told me there are no dogs for domestic. You can not get prosecuted for receiving a package if you stay quiet. Otherwise anyone could send a stinky bag of weed to your least favorite politician.

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Re: Postage

I would be interested to hear others opinions as well from experienced vendors. I have never had a problem with domestic deliveries although 1 did take about 7 days to arrive.

This seems reassuring... "You can not get prosecuted for receiving a package if you stay quiet."

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Re: Postage

I'll post the source if I find it, but I believe in one of the recent years, over the entire year for domestic packages/mail they only intercepted 40. Almost all of them were cannabis, two were meth and there was one or two other things from my memory.
Think about how that stacks up against how much international mail gets intercepted, or the number that gets sent just through this market.

I am informed that the posties don't even have authority to open packages and see what's inside. They don't do dogs or scanners or anything like that currently.

The reason why these packages would have been caught is absolutely careless and idiotic senders, people who literally just stick drugs directly in an envelope and it clearly reeks, or if there's a hole and crystals start leaking out.

I don't think anyone on here would do that, merely using tor and creating a bitcoin wallet requires an IQ above 70.
If that did happen I would expect that shit to get curbed through customers giving bad feedback.

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Re: Postage

Yeah - I saw that too. Here are the stats if you are referring to this source below.

Year Cannabis Meth Other Total
2011 25 2 2 29
2012 35 2 6 43
2013 19 2 21
2014 29 1 2 32
2015 31 1 3 35
2016 19 6 25

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