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Product review section?

Hey guys, thanks for doing this.  Nice to have a bit of a community back together.  I'd like to suggest there be a product review section if that's doable?  Only for the local market as there isn't much at all NZ related on the other forums.  Products like cocaine and weed vary so much in quality yet they all cost the same online so it could be a good way to ensure you're getting what you pay for as well as keeping vendors honest.  I know there's a feedback system on TM, but as a second reference I think it could be beneficial.

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Re: Product review section?

You are welcome to post reviews in this forum. I think the reason for creating separate forums is when there are a lot of topics appearing that deserve their own space. Then anyone who isn't interested in that subject can ignore that forum and spend less time reading the topics that do interest them.

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