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NZanabolics Dutch MDMA

General Information

Vendor Name: NZanabolics
Product/s reviewed: Dutch MDMA
Price before shipping (NZD): $100 for 1g
Shipping cost: $9
Price per unit: $100.00/g

Customer Service

Score: 5/5

[X]  Superb: Polite, prompt, ensures satisfaction
[  ]  Good: Professional, exhibits customer care
[  ]  Satisfactory: Adequate responses, resolved issue
[  ]  Marginal: Subpar communication, partial resolution
[  ]  Bad: Poor communication, no resolution
[  ]  Awful: Abusive responses, no resolution

Product Quality

Score: 5/5

[X]  Highest purity - highly potent
[  ]  Mostly pure - potent
[  ]  Minor cut or impurity - strong
[  ]  Cut and/or impure - medium to weak
[  ]  Almost entirely cut - very weak
[  ]  Possibly bunk - no effect

Processing Speed

Score: 5/5

[X]  Processed & marked shipped in 24hrs
[  ]  Processed & marked shipped in 48 hrs
[  ]  Processed & marked shipped in 72 hrs
[  ]  Package is late
[  ]  Package is very late
[  ]  Never received package

Price Value

Score: 4/5

[  ]  Excellent - great value & low cost
[X]  Moderate - worthy value & fair cost
[  ]  At-market - neither good nor bad
[  ]  Below-market - so-so value, high cost
[  ]  Exorbitant - low value, excessive cost
[  ]  Rip-off - little-to-no value, unjustified cost

Stealth & OpSec

Score: 4/5

[X]  Vacuum-sealed
[  ]  Mylar bag/non-porous container
[X]  Decoy/misdirection
[X]  Low package profile
[X]  Good OpSec/PGP

Total score

23 out of 25 for 92%.

Additional review notes

This review is possibly out of date for the product a bit but I'm gonna put it up as a thank you to the vendor for a good experience.

First experience with molly.

All round positive experience.
Clearly an efficient and effective vendor, but as a first purchase I made sure I was very comfortable with them due to their long standing in the market.

FE was hardly even a concern at all.
Some shards stained with a cola look, others clear.

Potency was good. I rolled to hell, plenty of euphoria, rather stimulated indeed.

I didn't have the reaction to physical contact as one might expect with this product, but not everyone gets that and is more likely how it affects me than any reflection of the product.

Thank you NZana.

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Re: NZanabolics Dutch MDMA

nzanas stuff has always been great for me and its all i buy now.
I view him as one of the most trusted vendors on here

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