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About bitcoins - buying, storing, exchanging

So I am new to bitcoin, and a wee bit lost about how best to go about buying/storing bitcoin to be able to purchase from tor market as anonymously as possible.
Which wallets do you guys use? Do you use an app on your phone, computer, or webbased only?
For small purchases, which sites do you use to buy?
Does anyone have any good resources that I can look at to get a better understanding of how this works (especially NZ based?)
Any advice you can give me as a newbie?
Cheers in advance

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Re: About bitcoins - buying, storing, exchanging

As a small buyer you dont need to worry that much with the bitcoin side of things. Vendors must take all the precautions.

Buy from Localbitcoins or whatever website is easiest for you (cash deposit probably best if you want no trace in your bank account). Others will be able to chip in with other good easy websites, I have no idea.

Dont use a web based wallet. Computer or phone based is fine.

Transfer the bought coins to your wallet. Create a few different accounts in your wallet, transfer the coins between a couple different addresses to give you plausible deniability ("I sent those bitcoins to someone else at x address! Must have been him who sent them to Tor Market!").

The main thing for you is to PGP encrypt your postal address before sending it to the vendor.

Dont use a PO Box, then you have no plausible deniability. Use your home address. Use your real name in case they hold it at the depo for some reason. In the unlikely event LE get your parcel and knock on your door, just deny you ordered it. You cant help that somebody else ordered that to your house as some kind of sick prank.

Simple, no need to stress.

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Re: About bitcoins - buying, storing, exchanging

My recommendation for keeping the coins safe: get a spare phone, reset it to factory with no apps then install one of these https://bitcoin.org/en/wallets/mobile/android/bitcoinwallet/
Make sure software versions all up to date and don't use it for anything other than the wallet app.
If you are planning on using bitcoin a lot, buy a hardware wallet as well. It can be plugged into the phone and works with some of those wallets and gives additional security. Or the hardware wallet can be used with desktop wallets. The main reason for a hardware wallet is that if your phone/computer has malware the bitcoin should be protected.

However phone wallets and other thin wallets (no copy of blockchain) can reduce privacy but still are a much better option than a web based wallet. Some phone wallets have features to address privacy issues.

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Re: About bitcoins - buying, storing, exchanging

I'm suprised no one has mentioned this, but first up you should use Tails https://tails.boum.org/   ( this is an operating system that will run off a USB drive, it includes a bitcoin wallet that is good to go over tor, and a bunch of other things setup correctly )

Further If you idenitify is associated with a bitcoin purchase then you can buy Monero ( XMR ) and then convert your Monero coin to bitcoin using a service such as https://xmr.to 

Plain Web Bitcoin Wallet -> Monero  -> Bitcoin Tor Wallet

( FYI retailers such as bitprime.co.nz sell Monero direct )

Actually just follow this guide smile


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Re: About bitcoins - buying, storing, exchanging

moshka wrote:

I'm suprised no one has mentioned this, but first up you should use Tails https://tails.boum.org/

Just because I think its overkill for a small time buyer who clearly isnt tech minded.

OP its best if you use Tails, but you dont have to.

Thanks for the Bitprime link. I think it would be great if Tor Market accepts Monero and we can direct newbies to Bitprime so they can use Monero on the market.

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Re: About bitcoins - buying, storing, exchanging

Thank you all for your advice, it has been most helpful smile

Ended up finding out about tails on dreaddit and have set it all up, was definitely an involved process but has given me more peace of mind than just using tor on its own.

Look forward to trading with you all soon smile

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