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NZLDD Racemic Methamphetamine Review

The Racemic Meth came next day which is a great start.

Meth itself is a white with little bit of cola colour.

I tried sniffing it but it's pretty godamn painful so I won't try that again. Maybe I'm being a sook ?♂️

So I bombed 100 mgs and dissolved another 150mg in 1ml of Vape juice.

The bomb hit me and I was speeding pretty good.... It felt not as strong as D-Meth (ice).

Racemic Meth is half 50/50 levomethamphetamine (L-Meth) and half dextromethamphetamine (D-Meth).

L-Meth doesn't actually have psychoactive properties it's the D-Meth that knows how to party.

Crystal Meth is Pure D-Meth you won't find Racemic in New Zealand so it's a novel change.

It's nice smooth and I was up for ages..... I wouks buy again BUT not if Meth is similar price because Meth is twice as strong as racemic so would be more bang for buck to get ice when l at same price range.

I would say this is also good to party on but just wrap  a pint some in a rizla and you'll be great for 10 hours easy.

Stronger stim for sure just 1 down from pure Ice but definitely stronger than regular Amphetamine ?

Thanks for reading.

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