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Mythbusters XTC: Green luck Clovers 270mg

General Information

Vendor Name: Mythbusters
Product/s reviewed: XTC: Green luck Clovers 270mg
Price before shipping (NZD): $ for 
Shipping cost: $
Price per unit: $nan/

Customer Service

Score: 5/5

[X]  Superb: Polite, prompt, ensures satisfaction
[  ]  Good: Professional, exhibits customer care
[  ]  Satisfactory: Adequate responses, resolved issue
[  ]  Marginal: Subpar communication, partial resolution
[  ]  Bad: Poor communication, no resolution
[  ]  Awful: Abusive responses, no resolution

Product Quality

Score: 5/5

[X]  Highest purity - highly potent
[  ]  Mostly pure - potent
[  ]  Minor cut or impurity - strong
[  ]  Cut and/or impure - medium to weak
[  ]  Almost entirely cut - very weak
[  ]  Possibly bunk - no effect

Processing Speed

Score: 4/5

[  ]  Processed & marked shipped in 24hrs
[X]  Processed & marked shipped in 48 hrs
[  ]  Processed & marked shipped in 72 hrs
[  ]  Package is late
[  ]  Package is very late
[  ]  Never received package

Price Value

Score: 5/5

[X]  Excellent - great value & low cost
[  ]  Moderate - worthy value & fair cost
[  ]  At-market - neither good nor bad
[  ]  Below-market - so-so value, high cost
[  ]  Exorbitant - low value, excessive cost
[  ]  Rip-off - little-to-no value, unjustified cost

Stealth & OpSec

Score: 4/5

[X]  Vacuum-sealed
[  ]  Mylar bag/non-porous container
[X]  Decoy/misdirection
[X]  Low package profile
[X]  Good OpSec/PGP

Total score

23 out of 25 for 92%.

Additional review notes

I'll start by saying that it got through NZ customs coming from NL in 14 days. Stealth was alright, at first I was surprised it got through but the more I think about how it was packaged the more his stealth makes sense. I'd definitely say his stealth is based on luck and not getting opened by customs because the minute it gets opened it's getting confiscated. Price is good compared to the nz market. Opsec is safe and reliable. XTC was very good quality, tested twice with marquix regent which showed black within 15 seconds and showed up as high purity mdma with spectroscopy; I got good reviews from everyone telling me that one was enough for a very good time.
All in all, I'd recommend mythbusters.

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Re: Mythbusters XTC: Green luck Clovers 270mg

Pretty much +1 everything you said. I got 50g MD, went good, tested good.

But the stealth IMO is bad. It makes sense for the price, it's insanely cheap. But you're just gambling it doesn't get inspected. If you can afford to lose drop houses then maybe he's a good option. If you want to try to avoid packages getting seized as much as possible I'd look somewhere else.

Also, they printed the shipping label, but it had the first letter of the suburb and country lines missing, e.g. "ew Zealand" and had other typos too. Was surprised it turned up. That's just slack IMO.

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